No dig gardening with Charles Dowding

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The Carlow Garden Festival at Shankill Castle

This year we are thrilled to have “no dig” expert Charles Dowding leading our Garden Festival talk and workshop in the Walled Garden. Charles explains the principles of a no dig approach, (that’s right, gardening without the digging!) and demonstrates how to do it in the Walled Garden at Shankill Castle.

Cabbage Patch

In the workshop Charles shows how to clear weeds by mulching on top, without any soil disturbance and shows different composts and how to make your own. He also explains how organic mulch works to feed soil life, so that the billions of organisms can help plant roots find their food, air and moisture as well as showing methods of planting, propagation and pest protection.

Charles Dowding is a pioneer of timesaving methods of organic, and especially no dig gardening. In addition, he trials and publicises new methods of growing/picking/marketing salad leaves, and of multi-sowing vegetables.

Charles has written nine books, runs a YouTube channel, writes for national gardening magazines, appears on BBC gardening and gives talks/courses at home and abroad.

The workshop takes place on Wednesday 1st August, 2018 from 10am – 1pm. Tickets are €25 and include tea/coffee and garden access. All tickets must be booked in advance as availability is limited. BOOK NOW

The Carlow Garden Festival takes place from Friday 27th July to Monday 6th August.